ERHOF website viewers can scroll below to find the ERHOF Inductees; they are listed in alphabetical order and also by year of induction:

ADan & Judy Ackley, Eddy Akridge, Joe Alexander, Guy Allen, Stuart Anderson, Anderson Family, Harry Anderson

BAllen Bach, Katherine Wyss Bach & Foxy Coke, Badger Mountain, Maude Barnett, Schaller Bennett, Beard Rodeo Company, Joe Beaver, Berenice Blair Dossey Bolen, Bernard-Moomaw Rodeo Stock Company, Big Bend/Flying Five Rodeo Company, Bosque Boy, Everett Bowman, Buff Brady Jr., Trevor Brazile, Frank Bryant

CCalgary Stampede Ranch, Vern Castro, Harry Charters, Christensen Brothers Rodeo Company, Cooke Family, Jimmie Cooper, Deb Copenhaver, Clint Corey

DLeonard Davis, Driver Family

EEllensburg Rodeo Posse, Ellensburg Rodeo Royalty, Ellensburg Rodeo Wranglerettes

FAllen Faltus, Ferguson Family, Tom Ferguson, Fitterer Family, John P. Foster, Foxy Coke

G Gage Family, Phil Gardenhire, Grated Coconut, Dick Griffith

HMiles Hare, DeVere Helfrich, Nell Henderson, Homegrown

J Charmayne James & Scamper, John W Jones, Jr

K Cliff Kaynor, Smokey Kayser, Joe Kelsey Stock Company, Loyd Ketchum, King County Posse, Kittitas County Calf Roping Club, Harry Knight, Pete Knight

LButch Lehmkuhler, Bill Linderman, John LudtkaRod Lyman

MDr. Ken MacRae, Bill McKay, McEwen Family, Kenny McLean, Bill McMacken, McManamy Family, Larry Mahan, Mickey, Gene Miles, Minor Family, Montie Montana, Morrison Family, Bud Munroe

N Nason/Aronica Family, Neck Lace

ODean Oliver, Ought

PFred Palmiero, John Payne – ‘The One Arm Bandit’Buz Peth, Wick Peth, H.E. ‘Doc’ Pfenning, George Prescott

R Red One, Gary Rempel, Scott Repp, Lou Richards, Rodeo Grandmas

SCharles Sampson, Scamper, Schnebly Family, Lee Scott, Jim Shoulders, Jan Smith, The Smith Family, Spirit of the Trail Night Pageant, Spring Fling, Kenny Stanton, Bob Swaim

TThomas Family, Casey Tibbs, Tornado

VHarry Vold

WRed & Rose Wall, Warpaint, Widow Maker, Frank Wood, Marty Wood, Larry Wyatt, Wranglerettes

YYakama Indian Nation


“Ought”, Maude Barnett, Bosque Boy, Leonard Davis, Tom Ferguson, Bill McMacken, Montie Montana, Dean Oliver, H.E. “Doc” Pfenning, Jim Shoulders, Frank Wood, Wranglerettes, Larry Wyatt, Yakama Indian Nation


Cooke Family, Ellensburg Rodeo Posse, Ferguson Family, Gage Family, Charmayne James, J. C. Kaynor, Smokey Kayser, Pete Knight, McEwen Family, Morrison Family, George Prescott, Scamper, Thomas Family


Bernice Blair Dossey Bolen, Christensen Brothers Rodeo Company, Deb Copenhaver, Driver Family, Gene Miles


Harry Anderson, Necklace, Wick Peth, Schnebly Family, Kenny Stanton, Harry Vold


Buff Brady, Jr., Bill Linderman, John P. Foster, Larry Mahan, Casey Tibbs, Kittitas County Roping Club, Warpaint


Badger Mountain, Bernard and Moomaw, Harry Charters, Fitterer Family, Harry Knight, Mickey


Anderson Family, Schaller Bennett, Frank Bryant, Clint Corey, Phil Gardenhire, Lou Richards, Lee Scott


Joe Beaver, Everett Bowman, Joe Kelsey Rodeo Company, Loyd Ketchum, Kenny McLean, Red One, Bob Swaim, Widow Maker


Joe Alexander, Jimmie Cooper, King County Posse, McManamy Family, Rose and Red Wall, Tornado


Beard Rodeo Company, Spirit of the Trail Night Pageant, Homegrown, John Ludkta, Rod Lyman, Marty Wood


Allen Bach, Katherine Bach with Foxy Coke, DeVere Helfrich, John and Gwen Jordan (Honorees), Minor Family


Stuart Anderson, Guy Allen, Dick Griffith


Big Bend/Flying 5 Rodeo Company, Butch Lehmkuhler, Charlie Sampson, Spring Fling


Dan and Judy Ackley, Eddie Akridge, Nason Aronica Family


Ellensburg Rodeo Royalty, Allen Faltus, Fred Palmiero


Trevor Brazile, Dr. Ken MacRae


Calgary Stampede Ranch, Grated Coconut, Gary Remple, Buz Peth


Bill McKay, Bud Munroe, Scott Repp


Vern Castro, Nell Henderson, John W. Jones Jr., Jan Smith


Miles Hare, Rodeo Grandmas


John Payne – ‘The One Arm Bandit’, The Smith Family