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Scott Repp

Inducted in 2014

53badd8c951ad.imageExplaining the many dimensions of her husband Scott, Jo Repp sometimes refers to his unique college degree. “When Scott graduated from Central Washington State College in 1970, he majored in Physical Education with an Art minor,” Jo notes. “That’s an unusual combination that helps us understand Scott. The PE major explains his love of sports and the need to make everything a game. The Art minor explains why he is known as the idea guy and the creative one.”

Repp was born and raised near Endicott, amid the rolling hills of the Palouse, where his father farmed wheat and bred and raced thoroughbred horses. Scott grew up in the saddle and loved competing in school sports. He came to Ellensburg in 1966 to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Art Education at Central Washington State College. He married Jo Emerson and has resided here ever since, first teaching PE and Art at Easton High School and then launching a business career.

Scott’s first business venture was the ‘In Seam’—a clothing shop. Scott then began investing in residential and commercial properties. A love of history combined with his art background led to historic architectural restoration projects. Scott Repp was an important player in the historic downtown Ellensburg revival of the 1970s and 80s, and he won awards for his Davidson, 1888, and Kelleher Building projects. Scott founded and co-owned Jennison Repp Real Estate (now Windemere) and did volunteer work in myriad community projects. He and Jo raised their two daughters Rusti and Kaley, and Jo, also a CWSC graduate, taught Business Education and served as Career and Tech Ed Director at her alma mater, Ellensburg High School.

Scott’s rural Palouse childhood and love of competitive sports naturally led to involvement in the Ellensburg Rodeo. Repp joined the Ellensburg Rodeo Board in 1985 and served as President during the 1999 and 2000 rodeos. “Scott was never one to ramble on at Rodeo Board meetings,” fellow board member Joel Smith recalls. “But when he started explaining one of his well-prepared proposals, the rest of us sat quietly and listened.” During his 20-year tenure, Repp was instrumental in creation of the Gold Buckle Club, and he helped plan and execute new arena seating, roping chutes, the Western Village, and the east arena Gold Buckle Club Building projects.

The Western Village—a collection of western-themed storefronts on a replica Old West street—now serves as the formal entry point to the new northern Ellensburg Rodeo complex. The move north created ample parking and cleared up the old bottlenecks on 5th and 6th streets. The Western Village was the frosting on the cake, adding a historic touch to one of most important infrastructure projects in the history of the Ellensburg Rodeo.

Smith adds, “Scott not only came up with ideas and plans for major improvements to the facility and event, he showed us how to pay for his creativity.”

Repp stepped down from the rodeo board in 2005. He received the Driver Award for significant contributions to the rodeo, and he was a finalist for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) Committeeman of the Year.

During his professional and service career, Scott Repp has won the Washington State Historic Preservation Award and Ellensburg Community Service Award, and he has been named Best Realtor in Kittitas County; in 2002 Scott won induction into the CWU Athletic Hall of Fame.

The Repp family—Scott, Jo, and daughters Rusti (Jadon McClure) and Kaley—are all active in rodeo activities. Kaley was a high school breakaway and team roper and Rusti was Ellensburg Rodeo Queen and is herself an inductee to the Hall of Fame as Past Rodeo Royalty. Scott, Kaley, Rusti, and Jadon are all team ropers. Meanwhile, grandsons Waylon and Clayton McClure are growing up in a world of horses akin to that of grandfather Scott’s Palouse childhood.

1916532_228086243624_2814692_nTogether, the Repp family hosts the annual WestStar Best of the Best Open Tie-Down and Open Team Roping. They donate the proceeds to the Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame. Known for their generous hospitality to PRCA cowboys, the cowboys reciprocated with a popular YouTube video produced by Drew Horner and other PRCA ropers.

The Scott Repp family was chosen Top Hands Kittitas Valley Family of the Year in 2010. In retirement, the Repps cherish their family activities, produce local roping jackpots during the summer months, and enjoy spending winter months in Arizona, where roping and horses are never far away.